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My name is Howard, and I own Big Fun Productions, which operates The Miss Laurel Highlands pageant. It all started in Chicago in 1982 with birthday bashes and fund raisers, expanding into what now has become what we believe, due to the territory covered, to be the largest regional female impersonators pageant for the east coast. 

There are many different pageants out there, offered for female impersonators, such as Miss Tri State, or Miss U. S. of A., and the variety of pageants offered by the Miss Continental family. While many of the guidelines, rules, and categories are similar, many are different. Pageant owners are free to set up their contests as they see fit, thus keeping variety for contestants.


As of July 2009, The Miss Laurel Highlands Pageant joined The United States Pageantry System. The area covered for contestants to enter expanded to include the entire state of Pennsylvania. We also opened our pageant within a few hours drive, to include entertainers from New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey. By doing this, according to the territory covered, we have what we believe to be the largest female impersonators pageant along the east coast as we currently have no residential restrictions. Contestants simply must fulfill their winning obligations.

In 2011, the owners of The United States Pageant Sytem sold it. The new owners offered to us the right to continue, but with their rules and categories. Several more changes we were not ready to take on. So being that we already had a great thing going by just being us, we are back to simply...

Miss Laurel Highlands.

Now, July 2014, getting back to basics, we are once agian closing our boundaries in an effort to get back to the oridginal Laurel Highlands region. We will only accept contestants that live with in the Pennsylvania boundaries of nothing further west than the Pa state border, nothing further south than the Pa state border, nothing further east than Harrisburg, and nothing further north than Rochester, NY.

Covering such a large area, each year brings to us a good mix in entertainers.  Sometimes when living a bit too far, we sadly just do not see them as often as we would like and it can become expensive for our winners.

We hope all will join in and support the decision of our financial sponsors as they continue to bring you... 

A place where boys are boys and so are the girls!


Miss Laurel Highlands 2019-20
Connie Lingus
Mr. Laurel Highlands 2019-2020
Myles Tuyo

Entertaining millions across the Alleghenies



Early Registration

This year we started something new we hope will help the number of contestants in our contest. We know that sometimes money is tight, and if you don't have to spend it, why do it? So to help out the gals that want to enter our contest and try to win our title, we offer anyone that pays and signs the registration papers on the night of the pageant, until the Pittsburgh Pride Parade they could enter for just $10.00!  How's that for a bargin?

Miss Pennsylvania, United States named best prelim for 2010!

 The Laurel Highlands Court 2019-2020


Pictured at the right, our winners for this year.

Miss Laurel Highlands 2019-2020

Connie Lingus

Miss Laurel Highlands Princess 2019-2020

Sharin My Heart

Mr. Laurel Highlands 2019-2020

Myles Toyu